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Coyote Love


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Media Arts Empowerment For All Learners 

Our Mission

Our mission with "Coyote Love Edu" is to empower students and educators through custom-designed, goal-based media arts projects designed to connect these individuals with one-another and the larger world around them.  Our goal is to nurture the artist, technician, activist, and citizen in every person we work with.

A close-up of of a student's eyes while she wears a mask and a hoodie.

Just some of our tailor designed residencies...

A young boy sings on a microphone while wearing headphones while his classmate listens and watches.
A boy stands in front of a green screen while a camera, in the forgeround, previews his image on the viewfinder.
A portrait of a young boy seen through a circular hole in the deck of a jungle gym.

Recording, producing, and sharing music for any age from beginner to advanced.

Lights, camera, action!  Our young producers design, film, edit and share their own digital video productions.

The image is not only today's calling card, but a powerful vehicle for social commentary.  Our young photographers have hands on their cameras from day one.

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